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Plastic Free, who me?

Taking a little stroll off the construction path this week with our blog, to cover something we have been talking a lot about recently in the JAW office... single use plastic. A quick fun fact for you, in the UK we use 35.8 million plastic bottles each day with 16 million of these not being recycled!

But what is single use plastic I hear you say? The plastic water bottle currently sat on your desk, the single use coffee cup you had your morning latte in, the straw you drank your G&T with last weekend are a just a few examples. These single use plastic items can have a lifespan of minutes before they make their way into the bin. So just think next time you ask for a plastic bag at the supermarket...

But if you need some more motivation to cut down on single use plastic, just think about where it ends up? The photo below, unfortunately, is a very common site across many beaches in the UK. Wildlife also often falls victim to our single use plastic, with 100'000 marine animals dying a year from plastic entanglement.

So why not join us at JAW and try plastic free September?

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