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Plastic Free September – What have we learnt?

This September we set ourselves the challenge to reduce the amount of single use plastic that we use in our day to day lives. Turns out this is quite a challenge, so we just wanted to take a minute to look back and reflect on what we found:

  1. It is easy to make some small swaps -some small swaps are easy to make and have a big impact. For example, using a re-usable water bottle, saying no to plastic straws and taking a bag for life to the supermarket. All of these take minimal effort but can drastically help you reduce the amount of plastic we throw away.

  2. However, some things are harder… and we found one of the biggest culprits to be the supermarket! Throughout September we tried to shop at farmers markets and choose loose veggies over pre-packed but somehow plastic would still find its way into our shopping baskets. Another plastic heavy hobby of ours was online shopping as we found many of our clothes arrived in plastic bags with each garment being wrapped in even more non-recyclable plastic packaging!

  3. Reuse and Recycle – reusing and recycling any plastic is key to reducing the amount of plastic we are sending to landfill!

Despite this challenge, there are still lots of things that one person can do to reduce their plastic usage! Simply being aware and making conscious decisions goes a long way!

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