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EU Plastic Ban - Everything you need to know!

The European Parliament took a big step towards reducing the EU plastic waste last week as they voted for a ban on single-use plastics!

This is fantastic news for the environment and in particular the oceans as each year 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s oceans, 150,000 tonnes of this within the European oceans.

Here is everything you need to know about the EU plastic ban:

  • The proposal will see the ban of the most common plastic ocean pollutants including cotton buds, straws, balloon sticks and drink stirrers.

  • As well as the call to reduce single use plastic used in the food and drinks industry e.g. Disposable coffee cups.

  • The ban is expected to come into action in 2021 and for items where there is no alternatives a 25% reduction will be required 2025.

  • If this legislation comes into place before the UK leaves the EU they will also be required to implement the policies.

But before this comes into play why not try and reduce your personal plastic footprint? Check out our top tips for reducing plastic on our blog and twitter to help get you started.

Want to find out more about this issue? The BBC have released a documentary titled ‘Drowning in Plastic’ where Liz Bonnin reveals the full extent of the global plastic problem. Check the trailer out here.

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