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Covid-19 Business Continuity at JAW

Hi all,

How are you doing?

Like everyone, we’ve been pretty stunned at the unfolding of events in the past few weeks and the unprecedented situation we now all find ourselves in. We wanted to let you know what we’re doing to move positively forward:

  • We fully support and encourage the social distancing advice and are now all working from home

  • We have made sure that everyone has the systems and software that they need at home. We will therefore be delivering the same high quality service in all aspects of work as we were in the office.

  • We all have Microsoft Teams and Zoom and are available for conference calls using these platforms. Actually we are finding that seeing friendly faces is really beneficial for boosting mental wellbeing, so if you want to use these even to make 1-2-1 calls please do that

  • We will not be undertaking any non-essential travel and therefore will not be attending any events until advice changes. Meetings and communications will be carried out remotely

  • We are of course still available on email and our mobiles

  • We are all following best hygiene practices and are ready to self-isolate if required in line with current guidance

  • We are keeping up to date with Governmental advice and will implement changes to our approach if required

Whilst writing, we’d like to take the opportunity to say we hope you’re all well and dealing with the circumstances as best as possible. We’re always available for a chat if you need. Let’s make sure we keep communicating.

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