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$500 Billion Green Linear City

Saudi Arabia is attempting to build a green city which will have net zero carbon emission, located in the middle of the dessert. The city is designed to be a 106-mile straight line operating with no cars and with a high-speed transit system, that will allow for a ‘belt of hyperconnected communities’, which will all be powered by 100% clean energy. The city will operate on three levels, the surface layer for pedestrians and two subterranean layers for transportation and infrastructure.

The city is also adopting the 15-minute city model, meaning that all necessities will be located with a 15-minute radius of each resident, this is seen as a core principle in ensuring that the city is sustainable. Therefore, the city is set out into clusters, being made up of 16 boroughs that will hold 1 million residents. The design of the city is aimed to preserve 95% of the natural environment, integrating communities with nature.

However, this project has huge challenges facing this project, which will make this mega project fascinating to follow over the next 10 years as Saudi Arabia attempts to build the city of the future.


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