Lucy is Now a Certified Fitwel Ambassador

We are delighted that JAW Sustainability Director Lucy Walsh has recently become a certified Fitwel Ambassador!

It has been well researched and documented that enhancing the internal environment of a building to support wellbeing has multiple benefits to its users.

Spaces that support health and wellbeing demonstrate an increase in occupant happiness and productivity and can help to reduce sick days and absenteeism. As we gear up to return to the workplace, leaseholders and building users alike want to be confident that measures are in place to provide a healthy and safe environment.

The Fitwel framework has been designed to provide a practical approach to improve health within the built environment, providing a range of metrics under 7 Health Impact Categories:

· Increases Physical Activity

· Promotes Occupant Safety

· Reduces Morbidity and Absenteeism

· Supports Social Equity for Vulnerable Populations

· Instills Feelings of Well-being

· Impacts Surrounding Community Health

· Enhances Access to Healthy Foods

Fitwel Viral Response was developed last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help companies establish policies and practices to mitigate viral transmission. It can operate independently or alongside the wider reaching Fitwel framework to support the creation of certified healthy spaces.

If you’d like to discuss how the Fitwel schemes can be used to successfully prioritise and benchmark health and wellbeing achievements for your project, please get in touch.

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