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The world tallest modular building


Located at 100a George Street opposite East Corydon station, this redevelopment project delivers the worlds tallest modular building (135m) on a brownfield site that had been vacant for 30 years. The speed of this construction projects highlights the benefits of offsite construction methods and modular buildings the project was achieved using 1500 modules.

The modularity of the building improved the building fabric performance as well as reduced the local distribution of resources, which resulted in an 80% reduction in onsite vehicular movement. This method allowed for 546 new homes to be constructed in just 3 years which is 50% quicker than traditional methods. The modular construction resulted in a 40% reduction in the embodied carbon of the project, as well as reducing the amount of waste produced of which 96.6% was recycled.

The building achieved BREEAM Excellent for commercial elements of the building, this will mean that the operational running of the building will be more efficient and use less carbon and encompass sustainable design principles. The modularity of the project also means that the philosophy of the building is inline with the core ideas of the circular economy such as reducing the complexity of the building by limiting the number of building components and types used in the construction process. Additionally, by championing modularity for a building project it speeds up the deconstruction process and allows for materials to be reused and recycled in a more efficient way. The circular economy is a topic which has been explored in a previous blog if you would like to find out more about the circular economy please click the button.



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