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Jaw Logo - Green.png

Matt Higgs

Associate Director

Matt joined JAW in February 2020 following his graduation from Alborg University with a masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science.

Matt’s interest in sustainability originates in his love for the natural world, which he initially discovered during his bachelor studies in Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University and which he further developed while traveling through the rainforests and coastal areas of Australia and South East Asia. His experience in the building industry combined with his first hand exposure to environmental issues and research into sustainable development led to a drive to help decouple human activity from environmental degradation. A goal that keeps his hands full here at JAW.

At JAW Matts focus lies primarily in lowering embodied and operational carbon emissions, through the use of whole life cycle assessment (WLCA) and energy modelling. Additionally Matt works to reduce waste generation from both demolition and construction by carrying out pre-demolition/pre-refurbishment audits and working with clients to incorporate circular economic principles into their projects.

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