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Wellbeing / Energy Audits

Adopting measures to enhance the energy efficiency of the premises you occupy offers well-established benefits to the business both in terms of reduced costs related to energy use and improving environmental impact.


Alongside this, the significance of the relationship between health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace is fast gaining traction, prompting many businesses to take action to improve the quality of the office environment for their employees. With personnel costs representing over 90% of an organisation’s operating costs, the business case for these improvements is strong. 


However the two are not mutually exclusive, and opportunities to install measures that will prove beneficial to both the environment and building users should be investigated and prioritised on an office by office case.

We will carry out an audit of your premises to gain strategic set of site-specific information.

We will analyse the performance of the property by carrying out accredited thermal modelling, assessing the existing building fabric and M&E services and advising on the improvements achievable through material and equipment upgrades in order to optimise the building in terms of energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions. At the same time we will carry out a wellbeing audit; we will assess the building in line with the WELL Building matrix, carry out workshops and surveys to engage employees and compile a set of options for the improvement of the building.

We will repeat the employee engagement activities once improvements have been made and again after 6 and 12 months.

By carrying out the two simultaneously, we will be able to provide you with a cost benefit analysis of the energy audit which you can report against alongside improvements in staff wellbeing.

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