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We are thrilled that the Little Britain Challenge Cup has become a Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta

JAW Sustainability are excited to be supporting the Little Britain Challenge Cup in becoming a Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta this year. As part of the organisation committee we have worked with the rest of the team to develop guidance for competitors for sustainable sailing, both at the regatta and beyond. We hope to raise awareness of less well known impacts of sailing such as bio-security and pollution.

We have put together a delivery strategy for the event to reduce the overall environmental impact of the weekend. These include eliminating single use plastic, improving recycling facilities and actively encouraging competitors to manage their waste better. We have put a plan in place to improve this further over the coming years, aiming for zero waste to landfill. All the food for the evening events is locally sourced and served using only natural and biodegradable dinnerware.

We also hope to save thousands of litres of water by reminding sailors not to fill tanks that will be emptied again for racing.

We are aiming to achieve Silver certification on the Clean Regatta program. Next year we will try to achieve Gold, making more changes to how the event is delivered and working with onshore vendors associated with the event to minimise impacts further.

We encourage everyone taking part in the little Britain challenge cup to do their part by reusing bottles and cups, reducing waste and thinking about their wider impact as sailors on the sea and the wider environment we all enjoy.

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